Me-Made-May 2016: Week 3

Week 3 has been and gone. It was one busy week! On Monday (Day 16) I went to work straight from the train station, so I was wearing pretty much what I wore to Paris. By this time I obviously couldn’t wait to get the stuff off me, otherwise those pants are made for long days! Unlike Saturday’s (Day 21) black, experimental silky pair…I am so getting rid of those. For getting snacks from the shop next door it’s just alright, but I am in constant fear of ripping them, they pull at places  and there is that weird flap on the front. It’s everything I don’t want my clothes to be.

Wearing the kimono dress with the military jacket on a great day out on Brick Lane yesterday, was one of those things that remind me why I’m sewing in the first place. 🙂

TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMayDay16
Day 16

TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMayDay17
Day 17

TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMayDay18
Day 18

TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMayDay19
Day 19

TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMayDay20
Day 20

TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMayDay21
Day 21

TheSecretCostumier - MeMadeMayDay22
Day 22

  • Dress: The kimono dress (self drafted)
  • Coat: The military jacket (refashioned)

As I am getting closer to finish Me-Made-May I started wondering what I should do with the clothes I did not pick up  to wear, or those that don’t fit me quite right.

Do you give up your unworn me-mades for charity, sell them or  recycle them?

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