So long 2015…

I don’t think I was as active in interacting with other bloggers/ readers as I could have been, but I wanted to say it out loud how grateful I am for the friendly faces I see around here. Sharing the one thing I’m most passionate about with people who feel the same way about sewing, and those who just find some joy in reading about it, is one of the few constantly positive things in my life, so let me wish you All, beautiful people, a very happy New Year! x

And since I decided not to force the party mood on myself on this particular Thursday night, I have time to look back on how those resolutions from last year worked out:

Tick1.Finish my Wardrobe Architect project

I planned to do all suggested steps in the Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect Project to put together my capsule wardrobe for a 3 week long South East Asian backpacking trip I took with my sister this year.  I planned the new pieces around some existing ones in my wardrobe and it worked quite well. More on this next year? 🙂hkk

Tick/ex2. Be more mindful about my body

Again, the South East Asia trip inspired me to get in(to a different) shape. Yup, you guessed it right, it did not quite happen. I did however enjoy myself on the beach in my handmade swimsuits anyway and also began a dance course in September, you know, just for body positivity’s sake and all…


Tick3. Look after my two favorite machines

I promised myself to be nice to my bike and sewing machine(s) this year, and I kind of-sort of did alrightish. 🙂 A series of punctures forced me to upgrade my tyres, and I cleaned it more than once, but I’m still not quite doing enough I think.

Still no sewing machine cover, sadly, but I did get the old one up and running. Yeeey.


ex4. Kick a bad habit & move forward…

Nah & nah.

Tick5. Go out & do something at least once a week

I aimed to do something outside of the house at least once a week, and while I might have had a few weeks with not much going on, by signing up to 2 evening courses in September and travelling a lot, I think I did achieve what I had in mind with this resolution.

ex6. Empty out my closet

Yeah…well, we sold our home in Hungary at the end of summer and without any heartbreak we donated all our clothes that were still in the house to the organization helping the refugees in Hungary. Emptying out my closet at home is  somehow a different question. Although I did make some progress in this field too, the biggest obstacle seems to be overcoming my laziness when it comes to transporting the bags of clothes to the charity shops/ stopping myself from keeping clothes that I don’t need because ‘I could make something out of it’.

That’s about 3 and a half resolutions kept out of 6, if I’m bending them a little. I guess I’ll try a little harder from tomorrow…or make up easier resolutions to stick to? 🙂

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